History of the company

On the domestic market, ANO Shintest appeared as an independent organization in 2002, the prototype of the company arose 10 years earlier in 1992. The team is based on specialists from the NAMI auto testing laboratory, the only one in the Soviet Union that was involved in testing automobiles in the USSR. technology. Under different names: “Science-Service-Test”, “Raifen GmbH” and OS “Shina” -NIISHP specialists have gone through a difficult path of formation of the company.

Today ANO “Shintest” has highly qualified specialists in the field of testing and certification of pneumatic tires, with 20 years of experience in the modern market. The style of the firm’s work is the minimum terms of work, a flexible system of work with clients, the provision of a full package of documents for testing pneumatic tires.

For many years ANO “Shintest” has been closely cooperating and continues to cooperate with the leading tire enterprises of the country. Among them: PJSC “Nizhnekamskshina”, “Nizhnekamsk plant of all-steel tires”, “Povolzhskaya tire company”, tire plants of PJSC “Cordiant”, LLC “NORTEC”, STC “Kama”. In addition to domestic factories, the organization cooperates with foreign tire manufacturers and their Russian representative offices: JSC “Belshina”, “Rosava”, “Nankang”, “Pirelli”, “Michelin”, “Nokian Tires”, “Hankook”, “Toyo TayaRus”, as well as with a certification center located in the Czech Republic.

Tires tested at ANO Shintest are used in vehicles of such associations as AvtoVAZ, UAZ, KAMAZ, GAZ. Among the tested tires, the following brands are known: NORDMAN, AMTEL NORDMASTER, ARTMOTION, KAMA, Cordiant Business, Cordiant OFF Road, Viatti, Bontyre, Maxxiss and others.