Information for applicants



In connection with the entry into force of CU TR 018/2011 “On the safety of wheeled vehicles”, we inform you the following:

In accordance with Appendices 2 (The list of requirements established for the types of vehicles put into circulation ( chassis) and 10 (List of requirements for the types of vehicle components), tires must meet the requirements of UN Regulations No. 30 or 54, 117-01 or 117-02. At the same time, from our point of view, there is no contradiction, because the timing of the introduction of one or a different version of UN Regulation No. 117, and therefore the requirements for tires, are specified only in Appendix 2 (paragraphs 25, 44, 88, 89, 90 in the case when it comes to passenger, light truck and truck tires for cars and their trailers ).

If the conformity assessment is carried out in relation to new tires (belonging to a type that has not previously passed the conformity assessment), then in accordance with clause 6 of Appendix 2: “… The UN Regulations specified in the table the level of amendments in the version in force at the time of registration stating the type approval of the vehicle (chassis) in the register, taking into account their transitional provisions. ”

Thus, given that at the moment the wording of the UN Regulation is in force & nbsp; 117-03, then the conformity assessment will be carried out on the basis of the transitional provisions of the designated Rules and their scope. In other words, for all new tires, the requirements of paragraph 12 of UN Regulation 117-03 must be met, otherwise the technical service has the right to refuse to issue a type approval message. Tires that already have a valid type approval will be subject to the terms specified in the table of Appendix 2 to TR CU 018/2011.

Attention! From 01.10.2016, in accordance with the requirements of UN Regulation No. 117-03 for tires of categories C2 and C3, the requirements for determining the wet grip index are introduced.